Here at Ikelite we believe in engaging with the photographic community to educate, raise environmental awareness, and to inspire passion and creativity in all water-based photography.

Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador program selectively highlights people who are using Ikelite products in fun and interesting ways. The Ambassador program does not involve product sponsorship. Ambassadors are selected by invitation from among active users of our equipment. We look for users whose work aligns with new educational, socially responsible, or promotional initiatives.

We’re not actively expanding the Ambassador program at this time but we always keep an eye on social media for up and coming shooters. If you're out there using our equipment, we would love to see your work! Get our attention by using #ikelite on Instagram, or by liking our page and tagging us in your photos on Facebook.

Product Sponsorship

We are here to support you with any advice, service, or encouragement you may need. We regret that we're unable to fulfill sponsorship requests for equipment on loan, monetary donations, or donations of photographic equipment. We do not provide equipment in exchange for individual reviews or social media exposure.

Educational and Professional Discounts

Educational or professional discounts for individuals may be available through some of our dealers. Due to the large number of products and dealers we work with, we are are not able to provide information about which dealers may be offering discounts at any given time. We recommend contacting a store that you already work closely with.

Educational organizations based in the USA should contact us to apply for special pricing on photographic products.