Panasonic LUMIX GH6 Underwater Results in the PNW [VIDEO]

Panasonic GH6 Underwater in PNW with Ikelite Underwater Housing

Nirupam Nigam of Bluewater Photo took the Panasonic LUMIX GH6 camera out in the chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest in our 200DL Underwater Housing. Check out his 4K UHD video below and read the full review here.

See the 200DL Underwater Housing for Panasonic GH6 # 71313



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Nirupam Nigam

Nirupam Nigam is a dedicated underwater photographer and fisheries scientist. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Underwater Photography Guide and the Marketing Director at Bluewater Photo. While growing up in Los Angeles he fell in love with the ocean and pursued underwater photography in the local Channel Islands. He received degrees in Aquatic and Fisheries Science and General Biology, at the University of Washington. Check out more of his photography at and his reviews at and


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