Canon R8 Underwater Macro Footage from Croatia [VIDEO]

Canon R8 Underwater Macro Footage from Croatia [VIDEO]

Marcin Trzciński of Foto Podwodna returned from the Vis 2023 meeting of underwater photographers in Croatia with some incredible macro footage taken with the Canon EOS R8 compact full frame mirrorless camera inside an Ikelite Underwater Housing and a Canon RF 100mm Macro lens.

Foto Podwodna have been Poland's official Authorized Ikelite Distributor for many years and are a friendly, knowledgeable source for all of your Ikelite gear!

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Compact Full Frame

On release, the Canon EOS R8 in our 200DLM Underwater Housing is the smallest, most powerful compact mirrorless camera system to date. It is as powerful as the Canon EOS R6 Mark II in a form factor half the size and weight. 

Lens choice, image quality, autofocus performance, and capture speed are the greatest strengths of the Canon EOS R8 system. When combined with a DS160, DS230, or DS232 strobe you can take advantage of high fps burst shooting to capture the perfect moment of a moving subject.


Canon R8 Video Performance

Underwater videographers will appreciate the R8's 4K capabilities at up to 60p using the full width of the sensor. Want to learn a little more about why this is so important? See how slowing down your footage can emphasize fish behavior, and which playback speed results in the dreamiest dive sequence.

Although lacking an IBIS system, but this shouldn't pose much of a problem if you're shooting with an image stabilized Canon IS lens. Do a deep dive on the best Canon RF-Mount lenses for our DLM underwater housings.

The R8 can also shoot C-Log which provides more detail and dynamic range in your footage. Color grading will be required in post-production when shooting Log footage, but don't worry - we've got you covered on how to color grade your underwater video (note: this video references S-Log footage, Canon users will be inputting C-Log footage for this process).


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Marcin Trzciński took a camera on his first dive back in August 1995, only to emerge half an hour later with a few blurry and colorless photos. He has managed to improve his craft since then which has resulted in collaborations with a number of diving magazines and TV stations in the following years. Marcin loves archeology, history, and collaborating with the Underwater Archeology Department of Nicolaus Copernicus University and Warsaw University which gives him an opportunity to dive on exciting underwater archeological sites worldwide.


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