Canon R100 Underwater Photos & Video // California & Grand Cayman [VIDEO]

Canon R100 Underwater Photos & Video // California & Grand Cayman [VIDEO]

If you're looking for an affordable system to take underwater that won't limit your creativity and control, then the Canon EOS R100 mirrorless camera is our top pick. We're absolutely amazed by the versatility and quality of results from a camera that retails for less than $500 in the US Market.

Credit to John Brigham for content from Grand Cayman
Credit to Nirupam Nigam Bluewater Photo for content from Southern California

"I'm a diver, I'm an underwater photographer, and I've evaluated pretty much every digital camera that's been released in the past 20 years. If you asked me today, what's the best budget camera system to take underwater? My answer would be the Canon EOS R100." - Jean Rydberg

Why We Love the Canon R100

The Canon R100 boasts unbeatable performance all for an extremely competitive price. With 24 megapixels and an APS-C size sensor that's 60% larger than the micro 4/3 sensors of Olympus and Panasonic cameras, you'll get stunning detail and unbeatable low light performance. 

In addition to getting Canon's industry-leading auto-focus and image processing technology, the Canon R100 is also one of the most ergonomic compact cameras. Unlike some other compact cameras the R100 feels intuitive in your hand while also being compact and light for travel. 

Plus, there's no sacrificing creativity for size with the Canon R100. The R100 gives you full creative control over important exposure settings as well as an interchangeable lens mount system which provides you the opportunity to adapt to a variety of shooting scenarios using anything from a wide angle lens to a macro lens. Check out our list of The Best Canon RF-Mount Lenses for DLM Underwater Housings.


ikelite canon r100 deluxe kit

Canon R100 Ikelite Underwater Housing

The R100 hits the most affordable price point for anyone looking to upgrade, downsize, or get started in underwater photography. Now you can dive into the Canon R100 underwater system for less than $2,000USD with our Deluxe Kit which includes everything you need to start taking professional quality photos today. This Deluxe Kit includes:

  • Canon EOS R100 camera body
  • RF-S 18-45mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens
  • 200DLM/D Underwater Housing
  • Dome Port
  • Zoom Gear
  • Anti-Reflection Ring for the 18-45mm lens
  • Tray with Dual Handles
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Set of spare O-Rings

Want to dive with the Ikelite crew?

Join us in October 2024 in Little Cayman! Ikelite Staff including John Brigham, Steve Miller, and Logan Wood will be on hand to provide photo instruction and inspiration. Come to improve your imaging and make new friends at the same time! You can count on a laid-back atmosphere with fellow underwater photography enthusiasts.


John Brigham Ikelite Vice President

John Brigham is the Vice President & head of product development at Ikelite. He was born with a flair for design and an entrepreneurial spirit as son of Ikelite founder Ike Brigham. He worked his way up in the business and is a natural fit in the R&D side of things. John dives the equipment as much as possible to test product and put himself in the "fins" of the user. You may also find him on the other end of an email or phone call when you reach out for product advice and support. When he's not underwater he's flying drones, setting off rockets, training his German Shepherd "T2", and spending time with his family. 



Nirupam Nigam
Nirupam Nigam is a dedicated underwater photographer and fisheries scientist. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Underwater Photography Guide and the Marketing Director at Bluewater Photo. While growing up in Los Angeles he fell in love with the ocean and pursued underwater photography in the local Channel Islands. He received degrees in Aquatic and Fisheries Science and General Biology, at the University of Washington. Check out more of his photography at and his reviews at and



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