Canon Announces RF 10-20mm Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens

Canon Announces RF 10-20mm Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens

We're excited for the announcement of a fantastic new ultra-wide angle lens from Canon, the RF 10-20mm F4 L IS STM. A high quality wide angle lens is an essential tool underwater photographers and videographers alike.

Image Quality

Canon suggests that the RF 10-20mm provides at least as good as - if not better - image quality compared to the hefty EF 11-24mm F4L at less than half the size and weight. We think this lens will be a great option for shooting wrecks, big animals, and models underwater.

The "IS" in the product name stands for "image stabilization." Canon promises up to 5 stops of in-lens image stabilization specially calibrated to reduce "fluttering" (blurring) at the edges of the frame. This news is very promising as edge sharpness of a rectilinear lens behind a dome port tends to be a problem for us underwater. 

Price & Availability

This awesome new lens comes with a pretty big price tag of US$2,299. But if you're going to invest in photography, a good lens is the best place to do it. We would rather shoot a sharp lens on a less expensive camera body than the other way around.

The Canon RF 10-20mm lens is expected to start shipping in November 2023. We will update our Lens Port Charts with recommendations for the new lens as quickly as possible.

Upcoming Lenses

Canon still hasn't opened up development of RF-mount lenses to third party manufacturers. We're still holding out hopes that an RF-mount fisheye lens is on its way soon. 


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