Virtual Exhibition:

Ambassador Lorenzo Terraneo has a knack for looking at things from a unique perspective and illustrating the wonders of the world around us. His photo series for one of the most prestigious galleries in Milan, the Lattuada Gallery, showcases his unique point of view both above and below water.

The virtual exhibition, curated by Flavio Lattuada, inaugurates a new and innovative way of enjoying art in complete safety, without giving up the pleasure of seeing the works on display practically as live. Ikelite Lorenzo Terraneo guides us to discover the wonders of the underwater world and his search for an unconventional point of view.

View the Lattuada Gallery's virtual exhibit...

Lorenzo Terraneo at the Lattuada Gallery


Can't make it to Milan? Do a virtual walk through of the gallery on the Lattuada Gallery website.



Lorenzo Terraneo Ikelite AmbassadorAmbassador Lorenzo Terraneo, from Milan, Italy, works in the world of communication and web marketing and is a journalist enrolled in the Register. In 2010, he joined the strong passion for the sea and diving with the one for photography that always accompanied him since his first analog Nikon SLR. Passionate about marine and terrestrial biology, he is always looking in his photos to recreate the magical meeting between the wonders of nature and human emotions aroused by unusual shapes and colors. Therefore, not naturalistic photos in the strict sense, but moments of artistic beauty (nature art) according to the human canon, which nature expresses incessantly. Read more...



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