Update for Existing Underwater Housings for the Canon EOS R6 Mark II

Update for Existing Underwater Housings for the Canon EOS R6 Mark II

We have really enjoyed shooting video and photos underwater with the original Canon EOS R6 Mark I full frame mirrorless camera and we're excited for the updates that have been applied to the new Canon EOS R6 Mark II. With the 2022 release, Canon has boosted the camera's resolution, autofocus (AF) tracking system, and burst shooting capabilities in ways that are very important to the underwater photographer and videographer.

In addition to the internal changes, there are some changes to the camera's physical form which have an effect on how it can be used in an underwater housing.

Changes to the camera's rear LCD screen and the addition of a Still/Video switch have an effect on how the camera will fit and operate in the original housing designed for the R6 Mark I.

Camera Mount

Changes to the R6 Mark II camera's reticulating LCD screen make it slightly thicker than the model it replaces. This means the camera mount that shipped with the housing # 71766 does not fit the new camera. The R6 II camera can be installed by purchasing the new Camera Mount # 95429.

Power ON/OFF

However, Canon has moved the on/off control from the left top of the camera to make room for a new Still/Video switch. The power switch on the new camera is located around the Quick Control Dial 2. The original 200DL Underwater Housing # 71766 does not feature the new control required for operating the new camera's power control.

Without the new control, the camera would have to be turned on before installing it in the housing. By using the camera's power save settings, you can set the camera to go to sleep after a chosen amount of time and wake back up when you press the shutter.

The control that operates the power on/off for the R6 Mark I can be used to operate the R6 Mark II camera's Still/Video switch.

Upgrade Options

We are offering the updating of older housings to add the new on/off control. This requires the housing to be returned to Ikelite for updating. There are two options for adding the control:

  • Add Control $150
  • Add Control with Service $300 (a $400 value)

Return shipping charges are additional. Any additional repairs or service requested will be quoted at an additional cost. Please refer to our service & repairs page for detailed instructions on how to get your equipment to us for service.


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