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Housing Maintenance

Housing Maintenance

Should I lubricate my housing o-ring?

The port o-ring of our SLR housings will need a very slight film of lubricant to assure proper installation. The main o-ring of our ULTRAcompact and Compact Video housings also require light lubrication.

NO lubricant is required on most other housing o-rings. The lubricant may be used to clean the o-rings, but most of it should then be wiped off. be careful to not stretch the o-ring while pulling it between your fingers when cleaning.

Please note that some lubricants may cause the Ikelite o-rings to soften and swell in size. We recommend the use of genuine Ikelite lubricant to be sure.

Never use any spray lubricant on our o-rings or around the housings. These lubricants contain a chemical that will cause stress cracking of the plastic. Cleaners made for plastic may be used, but a fresh water rinse is usually sufficient.

How often should I have my housing serviced?

We recommend returning your housing for factory service every 1-2 years, depending on care and use.

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