Battery Packs for DS200 + Substrobe 200 Strobes

Battery Packs for DS200 + Substrobe 200 Strobes

Replacement cells are available for the NiMH Battery Pack for DS200 and 200 strobes, Product # 4063.5. We are pleased to offer the refurbishment of battery packs at a cost of $350 plus return shipping. Refurbishment requires that 1) the battery pack be returned to us in good physical condition with no signs of abuse or water damage; and 2) the pack be the latest construction with screw fastener on the bottom side (see photo).

Refurbished packs may be used with their original compatible NiMH Smart Charger. In order to maintain the best possible performance from the refurbished packs, batteries are custom built to to order. Please allow a minimum of 3-4 weeks plus transit time for refurbishment. Rush orders are not possible. If you require a strobe immediately, please consider our DS160 or DS161 strobes, which provide a comparable power and angle of coverage at a dramatically lower weight and smaller size.

We do not have the parts available to supply new # 4063.5 battery packs. 

Pricing subject to change. Visit our Service + Repairs page for more information on returning product for service.

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