Expedition | Sardine Run and Cape Peninsula, South Africa | June 4-18, 2023

Expedition | Sardine Run and Cape Peninsula, South Africa | June 4-18, 2023

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Sardine Run and Cape Peninsula Expedition, June 4-18, 2023


The Agulhas Current drives down the East coast of Southern Africa, bringing warm water from the tropics, while on the West coast, cold, nutrient-rich upwelled water drifts northward. The oceans around Southern Africa hosts over 12,000 species of marine plants and animals making it one of the most diverse coastlines in the world bursting with colour and life!

Starting May 2023, Ikelite Ambassador Jacques de Vos will be running small group expeditions in South Africa which are the first of its kind and this will be done in partnership with one of the most established and respected dive centers in South Africa. This will be a great opportunity to share what was once Jacques's 'backyard' for over two decades with those who will be joining him.

Sardine Run Leg

For part one of our expedition, our guests will join the legendary 'Sardine Run' near East London.

This will be with the assistance of dive partners as well as local experts with decades of experience in the area (a must have for the Sardine Run). Here you will stay in a stunning seaside lodge and during the Sardine Run (5 days of diving) you are pretty much guaranteed to see at the very least:

  • Humpback whales
  • Bryde's whales
  • Thousands of Common Dolphins
  • Inshore Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Sea Lions
  • Thousands of seabird species
  • And more…

With a very high likelihood of:

  • Bronze Whaler sharks
  • Hammerhead sharks
  • Several other shark species
  • Several species of Cetaceans (both whales and dolphins) and more

Cape Peninsula Leg

Over a period of one week, six clients (the maximum group size) will set out on daily expeditions in search of an abundance of life around the Cape Peninsula with the chance to snorkel, freedive, or scuba dive both oceans (Atlantic and Indian oceans). For a small taste of what this might include:

  • Diverse kelp forests, including the exact area where 'My Octopus Teacher' was filmed
  • Several species of small and large sharks and rays
  • Makos and Blue Sharks south of Cape Point (the tip of Africa) - each week will have one day planned for this
  • Cape Fur Seals (you will snorkel with hundreds of them in safety)
  • African Penguins
  • An incredibly diverse variety of seabirds
  • Chance to see cetaceans (dusky dolphins, humpbacks, right whales, orcas etc)
  • and more…

In addition to diving, there will also be one afternoon (half day) tour to Cape Point which will be after the diving for the day, as well as one shore day with a professional local guide with options to hike Table Mountain, visit the V&A Waterfront, learn about local culture and history, etc.

Accommodation will be at a beautiful 4-star hotel in a marina in False Bay, right on the water and each morning you will be collected by boat to set out on the day's adventure. You will wake up, have breakfast, get in your wetsuit, walk 20 meters and jump in our boat. In the late afternoon you are brought back to the pier in front of your hotel. All meals included and the hotel is in the middle of the historic centre of Simonstown.

Reserve Your Spot

Spots are limited, visit today to book your trip. For more information on pricing and details, contact Jacques de Vos.


kelp south africa by jacques de vos taken with ikelite housing

Kelp forests, Cape Peninsula © Jacques de Vos

shark by jacques de vos

Cape Peninsula, South Africa © Jacques de Vos


Ikelite Ambassador Jacques de VosAmbassador Jacques de Vos started out shooting photos and video underwater on his days off as an engineer in the oilfield services. After progressing through scuba instructor and commercial diver certifications, he took up free diving. Before long, Jacques gave up both engineering and compressed air to become a full time photographer, videographer, and free diving instructor. Completely self-taught, Jacques has won several prestigious international UW photography awards; his photography has been published worldwide in several books and publications, and he now also works as a camera operator on projects for companies like the BBC and Red Bull. Jacques now spends several months a year free diving with Orcas in Norway and travels the world the rest of the time. Read more...


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