Event | Manta Fest 2020 | Canceled

Event | Manta Fest 2020 | Canceled

The good news is that Yap has remained COVID-19 free thanks to a travel ban put into place on February 1, 2020. The sad news is that MantaFest 2020 has been canceled. But the great news is that preparations have begun for MantaFest 2021 and it promises to be one of the best yet! Stay tuned for more details as they become available.



Join Ambassador and living legend David Fleetham along with 4 other pros including Ikelite shooters Ray Buillion and Brad Holland for lots of underwater shooting, seminars, workshops, as well as local cultural opportunities in the land of the stone money.

Participants are encouraged to compete for a top prize in the heavily sponsored photo competition with categories for everyone including beginners, videographers, compact cameras, and DSLR/mirrorless shooters. Top prizes include a $7,000 luxury live-aboard trip with Dive Damai in Raj Ampat, a $2,300 trip on Chuuk Lagoon's Truk Odyssey, and a return to Manta Ray Bay Resort, as well as a slew of other trips and equipment prizes!

In addition to being the place to dive with giant 15-foot manta rays, Yap is home to beautiful reefs, dancing mandarin fish, and sunset shark dives.

Manta Ray Bay Resort is one of our favorites for their quality of staff, accommodations, and dining- including hot coffee or tea delivered to your bedroom door every morning! The folks at the resort can help you select the best flight coming in and are happy to even book for you. Most itineraries stop in Guam and then fly into Yap via United Airlines. 

Sunset shark split shot copyright Steven Miller Ikelite Housing

Sharks in Yap copyright Steve Miller Ikelite Housing

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