Featured Customers | Matt Kleczkowski Hidden Wonders

Featured Customers | Matt Kleczkowski Hidden Wonders

I knew immediately. The moment my six year old face dipped below the oceans meniscus and saw the myriad of fishes hidden just seconds before. It was my earliest memory of wonder hidden by my own perspective. Love at first immersion.

I didn’t know what a Marine Scientist really was back then but I knew immediately I had to learn about what I was seeing. Studying and then working as a marine scientist was a natural progression. Underwater Photography was a complete accident. It was supposed to be about science.

Specialising in remote video techniques for fish ecological research; I strived to remove human biases from the experimental design. When I put my own camera in the water for the first time though; it was the exact opposite. In a delicious twist of irony; I needed to be there. I still do. Here are some of my favourite things.


Matt Kleczkowski Boxfish

Busselton Jetty Boxfish admiring its own reflection in the dome port. I will never swim away from a cooperative fish. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Great White

Guadalupe Great White in the Dawn sunburst. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Squid

“Samurai squid” from a Blackwater night dive at the Busselton Jetty. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Seadragon

Perth Seadragon wafting the grass just after sunrise. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Split-shot

Ningaloo Reef split from the “oyster stacks." © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Fish Tail

How often do fish give you the tail? Decided to go with it and see life from this mosaic Leatherjacket’s point of view. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Corals

Purple Anthia’s bringing the colour to Rowley Shoals corals. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski Leafy Seadragon

Rapid Bay Leafy Sea Dragon looking deep into my soul. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt Kleczkowski School of Fish

Salmon Six. Ten tonnes of Australian Salmon during the autumn spawning run. © 2022 Matt Kleczkowski


Matt currently uses the Sony A1 and A9 with dual strobes for his images.


Matt Kleczkowski Profile Photo

Matt Kleczkowski is a marine scientist from Perth, Australia. Matt currently uses statistical data analyses to measure and mitigate the impact humans have on the environment. Matt has a poetic sensibility when it comes to marine beauty, and that's apparent in his underwater photography. Check out his website for more images, and be sure to follow him on Instagram @mk_underwater_photography.




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