Featured Customers | Manny Isbell Retiring to the Sea

Featured Customers | Manny Isbell Retiring to the Sea

Manny Isbell is a retired Army veteran who's turned his focus underwater. From a GoPro to his Sony A7R II upgrade, Manny found a passion in freediving and underwater photography. From sharks to turtles to rays, Manny isn't short of underwater photo subjects in his home state of Hawaii.


manny isbell turtle photo taken with ikelite underwater housing

Sleeping Honu: Turtle cleaning station. © Manny Isbell


manny isbell ray hugging the sandy bottom photo taken with ikelite underwater housing

Graceful ray hugging the sandy bottom. © Manny Isbell


manny isbell eagle rays gliding shot using an ikelite underwater housing

Puggy and Friend: Puggy the female Eagle Ray in the foreground is missing her snout. She is a survivor as Eagle Rays use their noises to sense food in the sand. © Manny Isbell


manny isbell image of mom and baby dolphin taken with ikelite housing

Under My Wing: Mom and calf leave their pod to come take a closer look. © Manny Isbell


manny isbell shark image taken with ikelite housing

© Manny Isbell



manny isbell ray gliding taken with ikelite housing

© Manny Isbell


manny isbell turtle shell

Perfect Shell: The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are probably the most photogenic and I only take their photos when they come to me or, like this one, pass under. © Manny Isbell


manny isbell dolphin pod

© Manny Isbell


manny isbell profile image

Manny Isbell is a retired 20-year Army Veteran. After his retirement he needed a hobby and therein found a passion for freediving. While he initially began diving with a GoPro he eventually upgraded to the Sony A7R II. He lives, dives, and photographs in Hawaii. Follow many more of Manny's adventures via his Instagram @manny_isbell.




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