Featured Customers | Chad Taylor For the Love of Macro

Featured Customers | Chad Taylor For the Love of Macro

Chad Taylor is based out of Southern California, where his passions of engineering and exploring the seas can be in harmony. The scuba itch started young, when he was age 10 in Hawaii, and since has transformed into a core part of his being. Over time, underwater photography sprouted from the love of scuba and the desire to share the incredible things he sees under the surface.

While he does shoot all formats, Chad’s hands-down favorite is macro, and it’s rare to see him shooting anything else. He loves capturing those subtle, colorful details of the small critters you can barely find or see with the naked eye. Since starting underwater photography, he’s used Canon cameras and lenses with dual Ikelite strobes. Most often he’ll sport his favorite 100mm Macro lens, sometimes even adding a +10 diopter to the front to get really close! 


Chad Taylor Pygmy Seahorse

Good Thing Pygmys Don’t Move | We found this pygmy seahorse at Nudi Falls in Lembeh at the beginning of the trip. The photos weren’t as good as I wanted, but thankfully, pygmys don’t move from the soft coral they live on. So when we went back two weeks later, it was in the same spot, and I got my redemption shot. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Clownfish

A Clownfish in its Bright Home | I always love seeing the clownfish in their anemones, but I love it even more when it’s on a brightly colored sponge to provide that great contrast of colors all together. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Blue Shark

A Blue Shark Passing By | After a multiple hour wait in the deep blue, this lone wanderer graced us with its presence. A beautiful sunny day with crisp clear water made my job easy. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Squid Chad Taylor

The Night Squid of the Jetty | I was muck diving under a jetty on Una Una island. Out of the total darkness, three squid swam towards us in a perfect line. One was less shy than the others, and broke formation to come check out and swim around my camera. It clearly wanted to show off those beautiful colors. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Coral Shrimp

Feeling bubbly | They look like little soft pillows, but those bubbles are soft coral, and the bubble coral shrimp will often come say hi if you’re patient. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Nudibranch

One Man’s Debris, Another Man’s Nudibranch | From afar, it looked like another pile of debris on a muck dive by a jetty. A closer look, and it turned out to be a macro paradise. This was the favorite nudibranch of them all, a unidentia sandramillenae. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Frogfish

A Hairy Encounter | Also a bucket list critter for me, a hairy frogfish in the muck while diving around Lembeh. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Lizardfish

Who’s Hungry? | This poor little fish didn’t even see it coming…lizard fish thrive in the muck. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Mobulas

A Ball of Mobulas | Jump in the water at the right time around Cabo, and you’ll run into these hundreds of Mobula Rays moving gracefully together. Swim down slowly and they may just let you join. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Banded Shrimp

What’s On The Tube Tonight? | Featured only on the sponge television tube, two banded coral shrimp are putting on a show. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Eagle Rays

Eagle Rays Soaring Together | I followed this group of three eagle rays for a while in the Galapagos. Slowly I got closer and closer, and they welcomed me in. © 2022 Chad Taylor


Chad Taylor Profile Photo

Chad Taylor began scuba diving when he was 10 years old and has been obsessed with it ever since. You can usually find Chad diving the cold pacific waters of Southern California on the lookout for nudibranchs to photograph. He uses the Canon Rebel SL series, dual DS160 Strobes, and the Canon 100mm EF Macro lens. Check out more of his work on his website.




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