Featured Customers | Abbey and Ben Boutwell Underwater and Out of the Box

Featured Customers | Abbey and Ben Boutwell Underwater and Out of the Box

We're a husband and wife duo with over 20 years experience in the creative world. Together, we create music videos, films, promotional videos for brands and artists, animation videos, and more. We like to think "out of the box" and love to see our clients' dreams shine through each project.


CreateWell Dragon Breath

"Dragon Breath" | Trish © 2022 CreateWell LLC 

CreateWell Breathe It In

"Breathe It In" | Charity © 2022 CreateWell LLC


CreateWell Sirens of Fire

"Sirens of Fire" | Christianna ReAnne © 2022 CreateWell LLC


The Other Side CreateWell

"The Other Side" | Abbey © 2022 CreateWell LLC 


Underwater Romance CreateWell

"Underwater Romance" | Zach & Victoria © 2022 CreateWell LLC


Reflect CreateWell

"Reflect" | Felicia © 2022 CreateWell LLC


CreateWell Red Rock

"Red Rock" | Abbey © 2022 CreateWell LLC


Sleepy Time CreateWell

"Sleepy Time" | Felicia © 2022 CreateWell LLC


Meditation CreateWell

"Meditation" | Victoria © 2022 CreateWell LLC


The Family CreateWell

"The Family" | Hailey & Timo © 2022 CreateWell LLC  


CreateWell Abbey and Ben Boutwell

Abbey and Ben Boutwell form the dynamic underwater photography duo CreateWell LLC. With over two decades of experience in the arts, this is the ultimate artistic power couple. For their underwater images Abbey and Ben use the Canon EOS R5, and DS160 Strobes. Visit their website, or keep up with them on social media: Instagram @createwellunderwater and Facebook CreateWell LLC.




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