What you need to know about using the Sony A7R V in an Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

What you need to know about using the Sony A7R V in an Underwater Housing [VIDEO]

By Logan Wood

Today it seems like you can record jaw-dropping, 4K footage and high resolution images on any camera. So it’s always exciting to see innovation in areas other than image quality. The new Sony a7R V is a perfect example of this, and you can take it underwater right now.

This video covers a few of the key specs of the Sony a7R V plus an overview of our housing, and why you might already own it.


Updated Processor + A.I. Learning

sony-a7rv- updated processor

The Sony a7R V uses the same 60 megapixel sensor that the a7R IV uses, however, the updated Bionz XR processor allows the camera to take full advantage of this sensor unlike the a7R IV.

The new AI processing unit will provide a significant increase in auto-focus, exposure, and white balance performance. Basically, the camera is using AI learning to hit and track focus on subjects, nail exposure, and predict white balance better than ever before.


Separate Flash Settings

sony a7rv separate flash settings

As mentioned before this camera is built around a 60 megapixel sensor, so for still photos you’re going to have a lot of room to crop and recompose in post while still maintaining a high resolution image.

Continuous shooting hasn’t changed from the a7R IV, 10 frames per second (FPS) in JPG and lossless compressed RAW and 7FPS in high quality RAW modes.

But, the most interesting photo feature coming out of this camera could be a game changer for underwater photographers. The a7R V has ability to save separate ISO and shutter speed settings when you’re using a strobe. Now you can easily switch between strobe and natural light shooting without the slow down of changing settings.


Video Resolution + Benefits for Hybrid Shooters

Video Resolution Sony a7rv

The Sony “R” line of Alpha cameras has long been concerned with photo capabilities, and if you’re a video shooter you’re better off going with Alpha’s “S” line. However, the a7R V can record in a variety of professional video formats suitable for any hybrid shooter.

You’ll able to record up to 4K at 60FPS with 4:2:2 10-bit color, 1080 at 120FPS with 4:2:0 8-bit color, and even 8K at 24FPS with 4:2:0 10-bit color. You’ve also got all the great picture profiles available like standard, S-Cinetone, and S-Log options.

If you’ve found yourself starting to shoot more video or want the option to without sacrificing image quality then this is a great upgrade from the limited video recording options on the a7R IV.

Another amazing feature that this camera has for underwater hybrid shooters is the ability to save settings between photo and video mode. This isn’t a new feature to this specific camera, but if you’re looking to upgrade from an older alpha model or camera brand this will be very helpful. Hybrid and ultra efficient shooting on a Sony has never been easier.


Sony a7R V and Sony a7 IV Housing Compatibility

sony a7 rv upgrade kit

We are very happy to announce that the Sony a7R V is compatible with our Sony a7 IV housing, with only two changes to be made: the mounting base plate and a small screw for the mode dial. Both of which are shipped with the housing as of January 1st 2023, so out of the box the housing is compatible with both the Sony a7R V and a7 IV.

If you already own the Sony a7 IV housing you’ll need to purchase an upgrade kit and install the “SONY A7R V”  base plate on the appropriate camera.

The other change is a small screw that works with the mode dial on the top of the camera. This screw allows you to press on the mode dial button, which doesn’t exist on the Sony a7 IV. If you’re using an a7 IV you can either remove the screw or keep it in the housing, it won’t change any functions.


Ready to dive in?

The Sony a7R V is a cool step forward into the future of camera tech and we’re excited to shoot with it underwater. Email us today if you have any additional questions about this system via ikelite@ikelite.com 

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Logan Wood is a published photographer, cinematographer, and Producer at Ikelite. Stemming from a great appreciation for the outdoors and living an active lifestyle, his work focuses on capturing and sharing the natural world through the latest technologies. When not in the studio, Logan can be found cruising on his bike, going to concerts, and researching where to go next. You can see more of his work at loganwood.net and on Instagram @jlowood


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