Achieve a Perfectly Balanced Mirrorless or DSLR Housing [VIDEO]

Achieve a Perfectly Balanced Mirrorless or DSLR Housing [VIDEO]

Video by Ambassador Jacques de Vos

Neutral buoyancy and balance is critical for smooth, seamless video shooting underwater. A combination of lighter housings (better for travel) and larger domes (better for image quality) can start to make your system positively buoyant and/or off balance front to back.

The Trim Weight System uniquely allows you to add weight to your system without adding to your baggage weight. The weight bracket has a super slim profile and weighs virtually nothing. A secure strap attaches a standard lead dive weight between 1-5 lb (0.45-2.25 kg).

The weight rail is attached without tools using a soft-touch molded rubber knob. Lenses vary greatly in length and weight which can affect your back-to-front balance of your system. Simply loosen the knob to slide the weight backward or forward. This can be done above or underwater. Tighten the knob and the system is perfectly balanced front to back based on the specific lens and port you are using.

The ultimate result is video free of camera shake and a huge reduction in  wrist fatigue. And the best part is that you don't have to buy or travel with proprietary trim weights. 

This video shows how fast and easy it is to attach the weight system and how it operates underwater.




Ikelite Ambassador Jacques de VosAmbassador Jacques de Vos started out shooting photos and video underwater on his days off as an engineer in the oilfield services. After progressing through scuba instructor and commercial diver certifications, he took up free diving. Before long, Jacques gave up both engineering and compressed air to become a full time photographer, videographer, and free diving instructor. Completely self-taught, Jacques has won several prestigious international UW photography awards; his photography has been published worldwide in several books and publications, and he now also works as a camera operator on projects for companies like the BBC and Red Bull. Jacques now spends several months a year free diving with Orcas in Norway and travels the world the rest of the time. Read more...



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