Philippe Marques

Ikelite Ambassador Philippe Marques

Philippe Marques is a professional French photographer & videographer specializing in underwater photography, documentary, and fashion. His work varies from commercial to art; nature to fashion; and best known for underwater pictures with models. Considering himself more as an adventurer than a photographer, he lives impressive adventures across the world, always with a camera around his neck.

His personal vision began as a child after the experience of diving with his father in the Mediterranean sea. For 30 years he has dedicated his life to the underwater world. His photos with models relates the tale of sirens and ondines, and all the beautiful underwater creatures "which seduce the men and destroy them."

Philippe is a published author and his work is seen in magazines and books as well as in art galleries. He is a trained photo journalist with an extensive background in natural history, and his professional travels have also taken him to many countries as a film producer and writer. He approaches his subjects with an artistic eye, looking for a fresh perspective.

As an Instructor for Canon Pro France, Philippe helps other photographers to improve their photography by sharing his knowledge and experience through public and private instruction.

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