Lindsey Dougherty

Lindsey Dougherty

Dr. Lindsey Dougherty was scuba certified at 14 years old in a freezing, zero-visibility lake in land-locked Colorado, and has been underwater ever since. She taught scuba in Zanzibar as a PADI instructor, she is an AAUS scientific diver, and she has been lucky enough to dive for work, research, and recreation all over the world.

Lindsey is an avid underwater photographer, and recently joined the Elysium Epic Expedition where she was the principal scientist for coral. She was also the photographer/videographer for the Seattle Aquarium’s expedition to Indonesia. Lindsey has written articles and taken UW photographs for Scuba Diver Ocean Planet, Scientific American, and Biosphere magazines.

Lindsey’s love of photography stems from her background in animal behavior - she received her PhD from the University of California Berkeley in 2016 on the flashing “disco” clam, and did the majority of her research throughout Indonesia. Her research has been featured in over 50 new stories, including the New York Times, CNN, the Discovery Channel, and National Geographic. She continued her research in Micronesia during her post-doc at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she teaches tropical marine ecology. 

Lindsey does as much ocean outreach as possible, having participated in many educational and public programs throughout California and Colorado. She is a Scientific Advisory Board member for the Ocean First Institute, and teaches an annual marine biology course with photography to recreational scuba divers during dive trips. Lindsey is ecstatic to be joining the Ikelite Ambassador group to combine photography, storytelling, and science.

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Awards + Achievements

  • Broomfield Auditorium Art Gallery Solo Show (Summer 2019)
  • Elysium Expedition Photographer/Principle Scientist - Corals (2018)
  • Seattle Aquarium Indonesia Expedition Photographer (2018)
  • Scientific American Article/Photographs "It's Wet Down Here" (2017)
  • Biosphere Magazine Article/Photographs (2015)
  • Scuba Diver Ocean Planet Article/Photographs (2015)
  • Ocean Conservancy Calendar Winner (March & October 2018, January 2016)
  • Colorado State Fair Fine Arts Show Juror’s Choice Award (2015, 2017)
  • Royal Society Photography Competition (Shortlisted 2016, Runner-Up 2018)
  • Scientific American Article/Photographs "Daddy Day Care Underwater" (2019)


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Instagram @lindseylublue


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