David Gutteridge

David Gutteridge

The first time I went diving was in the Cayman Islands during a vacation in ’08, but I didn’t take it up seriously until two years later. Originally from Portsmouth, England I have moved around a lot as a contractor in aviation before landing in Stavanger, Norway and settled here.

Over the years I progressed to diving instructor and tech diving to reach the deeper wrecks located around Norway, and I have recently taken up freediving to increase my time in water.

david gutteridge light painting wreck photography taken with ikelite housing

Soon after I started diving regularly I picked up a cheap compact camera to start documenting the things I found under water, but I quickly outgrew it. I joined a local diving club that had many active photographers, and that sparked an interest and passion for pictures that saw many changes in gear over the years, but always in Ikelite housings.

david gutteridge  diver photo taken with ikelite housing in nikon z7
Most of my diving is wide-angle. With wreck photography and diver portraits as my prefered subject. I try to shoot my pictures in ways I don’t see many people doing and that combined with the fact that Norway goes dark for 6 months of the year has led me to light-painting as a method of conveying the subject matter. This process has been a challenge to learn but has resulted in some spectacular shots.

david gutteridge ambassador profile photo taken with ikelite housing nikon z7

I dream of visiting the underwater military museum in Aqaba, Jordan for this exact reason – the wrecks placed there are ideal for light-painting. I use my camera to create 3D models of wrecks. Since I started diving, many of the wrecks I've visited have deteriorated to an unrecognisable state. 

blue green lighting in wreck taken with nikon z7 with ikelite housing by david gutteridge

Awards + Achievements

  • 3rd Place Norwegian National Championships 2019
  • Norwegian National Champion 2021


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