Brandi Mueller

Brandi learned how to dive when she was 15 and has already been a scuba instructor for 10 years. While working for the Aggressor Fleet and diving with the many professional photographers who came on board, Brandi was inspired to start shooting as well. Her first housing was an Ikelite for a Nikon D90, which started off small with only one port and one strobe and eventually has expanded to a level where she shares most of her living space with Ikelite gear.

Brandi honed her skills and eventually became a Photo Pro for Aggressor, which took underwater photography to a whole new level through teaching it—which she finds to be both challenging and lots of fun. Brandi's favorite part of underwater photography is being able to show both divers and non divers, what life is like underwater and how colorful the "blue" really is!

Brandi indulges a travel obsession and that has led to visiting and working in over 50 counties. She dives in as many as she can, from the near freezing waters of Iceland to islands in the Pacific most people have never heard of (Pohnpei, Kosrae, and her current home, Kwajalein)! Brandi continues to shoot and teach, and has now upgraded to the D500!

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Awards + Achievements

  • Cover Shots: Scuba Diver Through the Lens, Submerge (South Africa), Tanked Up (UK)
  • Print Publications: Scuba Diver Australasia, Scuba Diver Through the Lens, Tanked Up, Submerge
  • Online Publications: DPGDive Advisor, X-Ray Magazine
  • Awards: DPG monthly photo contests, Scuba Diver Australasia Through the Lens Honorable Mention, Runner up for Popular Photography Magazine, Smithsonian Photos of the Day, Photos of the Day, National Geographic Your Shot Daily Contest
  • Published The Airplane Graveyard (2018)

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