Bill Hawthorne

Bill Hawthorne

I've been pursuing underwater photography for the past four years. I am originally from the state of Connecticut, which is not quite known for its diving. But the murky waters led me to fall in love with the small, often overlooked animals that still deserve our appreciation and protection. Eventually, clearer waters and greater aquatic diversity pulled me to Florida. I attended University here and have now settled into a job. In my position as an Aquatic Ecologist for the Florida Springs Institute, I work on projects to protect freshwater habitats and wildlife. The position also encourages me to continue my passion for photography and leads me to many amazing new places.

split-shot taken by bill hawthorne taken with an ikelite underwater housing

In my free time, you'll find me eagerly exploring every nook and cranny of Florida's diverse ecosystems, seeking out the countless creatures that call these environments home. It's not just about taking pictures for me; it's a quest to learn about the incredible ecologies of our species in their natural environments.

wide angle shot of a turtle with a diver in the background by bill hawthorne taken with ikelite underwater housing

While I've had the privilege to encounter and capture a wide array of aquatic life, I find myself particularly drawn to the beauty of freshwater turtles and fish. The often-overlooked freshwater world can be more diverse and colorful than some of the prettiest oceans. I hope my photography communicates that beauty and inspires others to protect and conserve these incredible systems.

croc by bill hawthorne taken with an ikelite underwater housing


Awards + Achievements 

  • Florida Wildlife Corridor Creative Competition – First Place Photography, First Place Overall
  • Optioned Underwater Footage for Use in BBC Natural History Documentary
  • Cover Photo for “Biology and Conservation of Alligator Snapping Turtles” Book
  • Multiple Images shortlisted in Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition
  • Photographs in a variety of scientific publications
  • Featured “Photographer of the Week” in Dive Photo Guide


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