Expedition | Mako & Blue Sharks with Josh Blank | Cabo San Lucas | March 1-7, 2025

Expedition | Mako & Blue Sharks with Josh Blank | Cabo San Lucas | March 1-7, 2025

Trip Dates

March 1-7, 2025


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mako Shark Feeding Copyright Josh Blank Ikelite Underwater Housing


Spend five full days in the open ocean chasing several species of sharks with a Master of big animal photography, Ambassador Josh Blank. Josh literally wrote the book on Big Animal Photography and will advise you on how to maximize your hang time and come back with killer images and video to wow your friends.

This location is chosen for being in the center of the action and draws Short Fin Mako Sharks and Blue Sharks! March is peak season for these curious species who will often come within INCHES of your dome port.

Blue Shark Copyright Josh Blank Ikelite Underwater Housing

A curious Blue Shark comes in close for a dome check.

With so much time on the water there's also potential to encounter Smooth Hammerhead and Silky Sharks as well. So many different species traverse the region including many different types of whales, pods of bottlenose dolphin, mobula rays and even orca. The boat is positioned to to pursue any photo opportunities that pop up!

This trip is limited to five guest photographers ensuring that you will have plenty of time to shoot and one-on-one coaching.

What to Expect

Start each day with a buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant before heading offshore.

Smooth Hammerhead Copyright Josh Blank Ikelite Housing

Out in the open ocean even the Hammerheads approach for their close-up.

Spend 8 hours at sea each day with varying departure times (weather permitting) to coincide with different lighting conditions for images and videos; some days we will be on the water from 8am-4pm, other days from 11am to 7pm. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for other exciting megafauna!

Upon returning to the marina feel free to relax by the pool bar, edit photos from the day or go for an explore. In the evening, you're welcome to meet up for a group dinner at one of the many restaurants walking distance away.


Few Spots Left!

Ready to go? Spots are very limited so head to the Wild Narrative website today!


Silky Shark Copyright Josh Blank Ikelite Underwater Housing

A Silky Shark stops by to get its moment in the spotlight. 


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Josh Blank

Josh Blank is a diver and underwater photographer based out of the Gold Coast on the east coast of Australia. Through a combination of scuba diving and freediving, Josh is passionate about exploring the open ocean and photographing the larger marine species that inhabit the deep blue. With his photography he hopes to inspire, inform, and instill an interest in the underwater world. Read more...



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