Event | Underwater Transformation Project Fundraiser

Event | Underwater Transformation Project Fundraiser


Erena Shimoda is an underwater photographer and the founder of The Underwater Transformation Project. For the past nine years, Erena has been capturing the beauty and strength of cancer and trauma survivors through underwater photography.

Erena knows first hand the restorative power of water, she is a survivor herself. When Erena realized how powerful underwater portrait photography and Total Immersion could be, she made it her life's mission to help others. 

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To date, Erena has helped 78 survivors. In honor of her project's 10-year anniversary her goal is to help transform 22 more survivors.

Donations directly support the costs of the campaign, including: transportation, pool rental fees, and travel expenses to reach survivors. Erena does this work on an entirely volunteer basis, 100% of donations go directly to project costs.

Inspired by the Japanese One Thousand Origami Cranes, Erena's life goal is to help 1,000 survivors. 


Join Erena's Campaign

Erena invites you to join her in supporting this life-changing project. Your donation will help deliver transformational underwater portrait sessions to 22 more survivors and thrivers this year and help continue to offer powerful healing to those in need. 

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Erena Shimoda is an underwater portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, is certified as a scuba dive master, and uses her background in New Media and Fine Art to create unique compositions in different media.​ Erena pioneered her underwater transformative photography program after surviving a traumatic car accident in which she lost her father and severely injured her body and now uses her program and total immersion to help other survivors heal. Read more...


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