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Ikelite strobes have been the only ones I found to be dependable enough for professional use in the harshest conditions on Earth.

Norbert Wu

As a working professional, I have tried and tested many other brands, Ikelite is the finest in its class bar none.

Michael AW

Ikelite has always offered a robust build, high power and reliability. That is very important to me in the field.

Jill Heinerth

DS230 Strobe

The new standard in professional underwater lighting.


New Larger Knobs

Easy to set without looking, even when wearing thick gloves.

Smaller Size

Completely redesigned circuitry for speed and compactness.

30% Brighter

With 230 watt-seconds of power, this strobe outshines our DS160-series and most of its competitors.

Made in the USA


Years Creating Underwater Imaging Solutions

A reputation you can trust your camera to. We bring more combined experience in designing and building camera housings and underwater lighting products than any other manufacturer.

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