Steady Tray for Paralenz

Product # 26030
  • Steady Tray for Paralenz

Steady Tray for Paralenz

Product # 26030

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About this Product

Are you ready to take your footage to the next level? A tray is your base for stabilization and lighting.

Key Features

  • The V-wing profile balances the system front to back and positions the camera lens forward of the handles to reduce the possibility of hands and other objects accidentally floating into the frame. 
  • The anodized aluminum tray features multiple mounting points for the attachment of optional handles, lighting arms, or a tripod.
  • Lightweight and durable.



  • Paralenz Dive Camera+
  • Paralenz Vaquita
  • GoPro Hero series


Optional Accessories

Quick Release Handle for Steady Tray # 9531.3 / 9531.4

Pistol Grip for Steady Tray # 2601.11

Flex Mount for Steady Tray # 9573.51


In the Box

Aluminum Tray


Screw for Mount