DLM Extended Flat Port

Product # 5516.50
  • DLM Extended Flat Port

DLM Extended Flat Port

Product # 5516.50

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About this Product

A large diameter, extended length flat port for use with larger macro lenses and Ikelite Mirrorless or Compact DSLR Housings. A 67mm threaded front allows for the attachment of external macro lenses or diopters—no separate adapter necessary!

Recommended when using the Canon 60mm Macro with the Ikelite Housing for Canon EOS 100D Rebel SL1. This port can also be combined with the DLM 2.2 Inch Port Extension to use the Canon 100mm IS USM lens.

Compatible with housings featuring the DLM port system. View the system port charts for compatibility information.



Acetyl body with flat glass front

Weight 14.7 oz (417 g)

4.37" diameter x 3" length (111 x 76 mm)


In the Box

Flat Port

Securing thumbscrews (set of 3) # 9249.6 (installed)

Vinyl cover # 0200.09 (installed)

Silicone lubricant 1cc tube



Instruction Manual