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Shawn Miller | Featured Photographer

This beautiful collection of ocean patterns comes from one of the less ordinary dive destinations: Okinawa, Japan. Here's what Shawn thinks about diving these Pacific waters:

Okinawa has some of the best diving in the world. The Ocean is filled with beautiful coral reefs and vast amounts of marine life only found here. Most underwater photographers live for the excitement of photographing a new marine species they have never seen before. Underwater Macro photography can be challenging due to currents, buoyancy control and backscatter in the water. If you ever get the chance to scuba dive in Okinawa, go for it and do not hesitate.

Shawn is currently shooting with a Canon EOS 70D camera and dual DS strobes. But his work isn't limited to underwater—check out his blog on Okinawa Nature Photography at the end of this gallery! All images copyright 2015 Shawn Miller.

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