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Curacao Deep Water Fish Stamps

Contributed by Barry Brown

Ikelite Ambassador Barry Brown, in conjunction with the Curacao-based submersible Curasub and the Smithsonian Institution, has spent the past 4 years searching depths up to 1000 feet (300 m) for new fish and invertebrates. In addition to major contributions to scientific research, this dedicated effort has resulted in a magnificent series of 10 postage stamps!

Image © Barry BrownCuracao Deep Water Fish Stamps | Photographed by Barry Brown

Fish Indentification, clockwise from top left

  • Blade-fin Bass, Jeboehlkia gladifer
  • Yellowbar Basslet, Lipogramma robinsi
  • Spanish Flag, Gonioplectrus hispanus
  • Spottail Golden Bass, Liopropoma santi
  • Anthias Bass, Anthias asperilinguis
  • Banded Basslet, Lipogramma evides
  • Deep Sea Toad, Chaunax pictus
  • Longfin Scorpionfish, Scorpaena agassizii
  • Saber Goby, Antilligobius nikkiae
  • Dragonette, Foetorepus new species

This stamp series is a fitting tribute to the outstanding collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and Substation Curacao. The results heighten awareness of our profound responsibility to protect the planet’s oceans and exemplify the benefits of the people-to-people ties that intertwine Curacao and the United States.

Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP) is a new ongoing project to investigate deep reefs off Curacao. This opportunity arose because of the availability of the Curasub, providing scientists the opportunity to observe, collect specimens and tissue samples, and monitor biodiversity on deep reefs. DROP, which currently involves nearly 30 Smithsonian marine scientists and staff and several external collaborators, is in its fourth year of exploring deep-reef biodiversity and is completing its second year of monitoring. The taxonomic results to date are remarkable: at least 30 new species of fishes and invertebrates have been discovered.

- Carole Baldwin, Smithsonian Institute

The stamps will be available through top stamp agencies around the world, and of course in Curacao! So next time you're down there diving say "hi" to Barry and pick up a set for your postcards or personal collection.

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