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About Maintaining Affordability

We pride ourselves in making underwater photography accessible for everyone by offering sophisticated equipment at affordable prices. Keep reading for a little more information on what goes into the prices you see advertised by Ikelite Dealers.

Only the Best Will Do

We constantly evaluate new materials, manufacturing methods, and technology, looking for ways to offer more value for less money. Over 50 years of designing for the harshest environments on earth—UV exposure, saltwater, heat and cold, and high pressures at depth—has taught us that investing in quality materials pays off in the long run.

The Same, but Different

At first glance, it doesn't seem like much has changed over the years. We still make durable, clear polycarbonate cases with access to all the important camera functions. But as digital cameras have improved, so have our housings.

For example, a DSLR housing today has on average 50% more controls than in 2003, each custom made and hand fit. We were the first to introduce true TTL flash metering with a digital camera and underwater strobe, back in 2004. Since then we've "cracked the code" for direct electrical TTL communication with more camera makes and models than any other housing or strobe manufacturer.

about-maintaining-affordability-aOur TTL housings for the Canon G6 (left, 2006 MSRP $750) and Canon G1X Mark II (right, 2014 MSRP $750)

Built By Hand in Indianapolis

We're resistant to the displacement of our manufacturing and work force. In fact, we've been operating on the same city block in Indiana (USA) for over 52 years. Many products could be made more cheaply overseas, but we prefer to maintain close oversight of our materials, manufacturing methods, and operations. With engineering, product, sales, and service in the same building, we can be nimble and responsive to your product needs.

Commitment to Value

In the end, we build products that retain their value and last for many years of regular use. It seems to be working as we get emails every day about housings that are 15, 20, and 25 years old. All in all, we appreciate your support and we promise to keep offering you some of the best performance to dollar purchases in the business.