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Jason Pecknold
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I started like most probably do—with landscape and nature images. Not only are they easy to shoot, but you get to explore! As a former dive shop owner, I was already a certified diver, so transitioning into underwater photography was pretty natural for me. I started shooting other divers and got a lot of positive feedback, so I figured I would practice growing my skills by shooting "models" (AKA anyone willing to get in front of the camera), to explore the way the human form and light work together underwater. My work began to accrue more interest, which led to different underwater shoots with "Model Mayhem" models. Through this, I discovered my passion for underwater photography was stronger than I'd realized.

I currently specialize in Trash the Dress photo shoots (where a bride sacrifices her dress for the sake of fantastic wedding photos) and underwater portraits, both professionally and commercially. I also enjoy putting a unique "underwater twist" on corporate, wedding, and prom photos. While I still stay busy doing the fun land-based photo sessions, if someone says "water," I will have my suit on before they can finish the sentence.

In addition to my photographic work, I also run a business called Bluephoric Creative Solutions, which is a full-service consultant firm specializing in graphic design, visual design, commercial photography, and web design. The name "Bluephoric" was inspired by the feeling of euphoria I have when underwater. As a former dive store owner, I'm dedicated to helping small businesses succeed with the help of the creative arts.

Copyright 2014 Jason PecknoldImage © 2014 Jason Pecknold

Awards + Achievements

  • In the last 6 months of 2013, my photos were featured in 18 magazine and internet publications.
  • One of my biggest accomplishments is being a photo ambassador for Ikelite. I have been using and trusting Ikelite products for as long as I've been shooting underwater. So to me, it's like being boxer and having Muhammad Ali ask you to spar with him.
  • I've only been shooting underwater for 2 years, so to have my work picked up commercially has been a dream. I look forward to traveling and growing my art even more in the coming years.

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