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SpD Tech Dive Light Head

Discontinued May 2016
Product Number 1410

This product is no longer in production and we have no remaining new, blemished, or used inventory. We continue to provide maintenance and service for this product even though it has been discontinued.

The 50W auxiliary Light Head will illuminate even the darkest corners of an abandoned control room or a winding tunnel. Rotating the specially designed, rubber protected reflector allows you to control the action. Simply turn and watch as the blazingly intense beam changes from broad flood to a concentrated spot. The anodized aluminum Light Head features a rotating on/off switch and 1.4m (4.5') of cable with protective spiral wrapped coating.

The SpD Tech Dive Light Head works with both newer NiMH SpD/Pro Battery Packs, as well as older Ni-Cad SpD/Pro Battery Packs.

  • SpD light head
  • Connector protector
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • 300 ft (90 m) depth rating
  • Halogen 12V bulb
  • 50W adjustable focus beam
  • 4.5 ft (1.4 m) spiral-wrapped cable
  • Dimensions 3.5 x 6.5 in (9 x 17 cm)
0301.12Connector protector 0049.50Bulb 50W 0900.35Glass bulb cover 0134.14O-ring for glass bulb cover 0842.1Rubber shroud
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