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Camera Control Glands for 1/4-inch Shafts

Product Number
9251 Gland with 5/16-inch thread
9251.5 Gland with 1/2-inch thread
9253 Gland with 5/8-inch thread
9254 Gland with 1-inch thread
9255 Gland with 2-inch thread

"Quad-Seal" Ikelite camera controls are famous for their dependability. Each gland allows rotation and in-out travel of a 1/4-inch shaft (not included). Threads directly into a 3/8-24 tapped hole, or using a 3/8-inch through hole and 0219.2 nut (not included). Choose length based on thickness of housing, and length and travel of control shaft.

Shaft, knob, and nut not included.

  • Control gland with o-ring
  • Nickel plated brass
  • Accepts 1/4-inch control shaft
0219.2Stainless steel hex nut 0100Gland x-ring for shaft 0102Gland o-ring outer
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