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Color Filters for 4.2-inch Ports

MSRP $70
Product Number
6441.43 Tropical Blue Water
6441.83 Green Water

Ikelite Color Correcting Filters press fit to the outside of Ikelite lens ports offering easy attachment and removal underwater.

The specially formulated UR/Pro color correcting filter for tropical blue water settings enhances warm reds and oranges with available sunlight up to 80 ft (24m). Use in the Caribbean, Indonesia, and any blue water setting.

The UR/Pro color correcting filter for green water enhances contrast and improves the color of green water to give your subject a rich, natural tone. Effective with available sunlight up to 80 ft (24m). Use in most lakes and any green water setting.

This filter is usable on any 4.2-inch (106 mm) diameter housing lens port. To check compatibility with Ikelite housings, please refer to the housing instruction manual or webpage.

  • Filter
  • (2) Vinyl lanyards
0321.10Vinyl lanyard
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