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TTL Converter for Nikon D2X with Nikonos N5 Connector

MSRP $350
Product Number 4302.2

Proven effective since its first introduction in mid-2005, our Nikon TTL conversion circuitry is also available for use with non-Ikelite housings. Let the camera adjust your Ikelite strobes while you focus on composition and enjoy the confidence of perfect exposure.

The TTL adapter is equipped with a simple rotating switch that allows effortless toggling between TTL and manual exposure. When in TTL mode, exposure compensation may be accessed via the camera's built-in menus. Proper operation and TTL exposure requires use of a current-model Ikelite DS strobe.

One or two strobes may be connected to the adapter using an appropriate single or dual sync cord. Use of two strobes requires a dual sync cord. Two stobes cannot be controlled by individual adapters even if the housing is equipped with two bulkhead connectors.

TTL adapters are not usable with non-Ikelite strobes or non-DS Ikelite strobes.

  • Cameras: Nikon D2X
  • Housings: Non-Ikelite housings featuring an Nikonos N5-style electrical bulkhead connector and TTL hotshoe
  • Sync Cords: Ikelite Sync Cord 4103.51, Ikelite Dual Sync Cord 4103.52
  • AF35 strobes: no
  • DS50 strobes: above serial number 75510 with update
  • DS51 strobes: above serial number 78700
  • DS125 strobes: above serial number 7928
  • DS160, DS161 strobes: all
  • DS200 strobes: above serial number 7163
  • Non-Ikelite strobes: no
  • Nikon TTL adapter
  • Connector protectors
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
0301.14Connector protector for Ikelite plug 9104.5Waterproof bulkhead cap 0118O-ring 0184.2Silicone lubricant 2cc recloseable tube
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