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Ikelite-to-Ikelite non-Coiled TTL Sync Cord

Discontinued October 2016
Product Number 4103.50

This product is no longer in production. Please use the coiled version # 4103.51 instead.

Non-coiled 24 in (61 cm) long sync cord with Ikelite-style plugs on both ends. Provides TTL operation with any compatible system featuring an Ikelite-style electrical bulkhead and DS strobe. The Ikelite-style plug is widely recognized as the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. Built-in strain reliefs reduce stress on cord ends.

To connect two strobes to a single housing bulkhead, try a dual sync cord instead.

  • Sync cord
  • Connector protector
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
0301Connector protector 0136.13O-ring 0184.2Silicone lubricant Resealable 2cc tube
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