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Fiber Optic Flex Kit

Discontinued September 2014
Product Number 4070.14

This product is no longer in production and we have no remaining new, blemished, or used inventory.

Use this kit to attach a DS51 or DS50 strobe to a fiber optic housing system. The Ikelite Fiber Optic Adapter automatically configures itself for compatibility with both pre-flash and non pre-flash camera modes. No setting of small switches or confusion over number of pre-flashes. A universal mount kit is included to add fiber optic ports to almost any clear body housing. Strobe not included.

Our flex arm is an extremely versatile and affordable arm system for the light-weight DS51 strobe. These arms offer flexibility to position your light in any manner and virtually endless expandability. 3/4 inch components are compatible with Ikelite 1.1 inch diameter ball components, as well as Loc-Line brand 3/4 inch fittings.

Flex Arms are not strong enough to hold the heavier DS125, DS160, DS161 or DS200 strobes. For these strobes choose our aluminum 1 in ball system.

Each Ikelite DS strobe requires its own fiber optic adapter and coiled cord for triggering. Purchase a second kit to add a second strobe to your system.

  • Flex arm
  • Fiber optic coiled cord
  • Fiber optic adapter for DS strobes
  • Universal optical ports kit
  • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
0301.12Connector protector 0184.2Silicone lubricant 2cc resealable tube
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