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Action Tray II for Compact Housings

MSRP $25
Product Number 2605.11

This super slim and streamlined tray is designed specifically for Ikelite Action and ULTRAcompact digital housings. Compared to our standard Tray with Quick Release Handle, the Action tray is lighter and brings the grip closer to the side of the housing for a more comfortable system.

Included is the necessary hardware to mount to Ikelite housings featuring female mounting points with 3" (76mm) spacing, as well as Action housings with central 1/4-20 mounting. The tray is machined specially to prevent rotation when attached to an Action housing.

  • Action Tray II
  • Hardware Set for 1/4-20 Thread Housings # 9523.24
  • Hardware Set for 12-24 Thread Housings # 9523.25
  • Hard anodized aluminum tray
  • 8.2 oz (233g)
9523.24Hardware Set 1/4-20 Thread 9523.25Hardware Set 12-24 Thread
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