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Action Tray with DS51 Strobe Arm

MSRP $79
Product Number 2605.03

Looking for a simple and lightweight tray to attach an external strobe to your housing? Look no further. The Action tray is slim yet durable anodized aluminum and attaches directly to your compact housing with a 1/4-20 central tripod mount on the bottom.

Includes tray, flex arm, and DS51 strobe mount. Includes hardware to attach a second tray for use with dual strobes. The flex arm also accepts other non-Ikelite strobe mounts which are compatible with 3/4" Loc-line flex components.

  • Aluminum tray
  • Flex arm
  • DS51 strobe mount
  • Mounting hardware
  • Anodized aluminum tray
  • 3/4" flex arm
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